Sandra Bullock Opens Up About Racism With Son Louis

Sandra Bullock is one of America’s highest paid actresses, who is not afraid to speak about racism in America. As a matter of fact, this 51 year old has admitted to opening up about race and racism with her young son, Louis Bardo , who is of African American descent. Even though Louis appears to understand racism, he is yet to learn why many people choose to be part of the racial divide.

Sandra did not stop here, when it came to teaching Louis about discrimination, she also brought up the subjects, sexism and homophobia. While these are difficult topics to broach with a young child, it appears that they are just as important as the “birds and bees” conversation. I guess we all could learn a few things from this single parent and famous celebrity.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra’s father has an Irish, English, German, and French ancestry, so she is no stranger to racial prejudice. Although Bullock spent 12 years of her young life growing up in Nuremberg, the second largest city in Bavaria, Germany. She later returned to the states to attend school.

Bullock goes on to say that she does not think that it is fair for one to be judged on his/her skin color and does not understand why people cannot judge on character, instead. Sandra adopted Louis, when she was amid divorce proceedings with Jesse James, Monster Garage host.

Many women began to look up to Bullock after Jesse’s sex scandal allegations went public in March of 2010. She handled the situation beautifully, when she accepted James’ apology, but she went on to file for divorce, which was finalized on June 18, 2010.

While many parents may disagree with Bullock’s approach to racism, others will appreciate the fact that she is willing to admit that racism is still an issue in today’s society.

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