Is it possible to assume a sex position to conceive a boy or girl?

Before having a baby, all mothers and fathers have their minds set on a specific gender. Although the the father might want a boy, the mother might want a girl. If it is possible to come to an agreement, is it possible to practice a specific sex position to conceive a boy or girl? Is this a myth, which has clouded the minds of mothers and fathers throughout the generations? Or is it entirely possible to assume different positions, in order to obtain a child of the gender you desire?

A History of Lies

Unfortunately, it is entirely impossible to select your baby’s gender, unless you’re willing to pay for it! Of course, this doesn’t mean that parents haven’t worked diligently to try and fulfill their desires. In fact, these particular schemes date back to the early days of Chinese civilization. The old Chinese gender chart supposedly details the specific days of the year that you should have sex, if you’re looking for a boy or girl! Does it work? It is highly doubtful and no scientific evidence has never backed it up. Still, attempting to make a determination based on the age of the mother and the conception month is very clever and should be applauded.

Today’s Schemes

Today’s schemes are just that, schemes. There are e-books, home kits and other mumbo jumbo that can supposedly help you choose your baby’s gender. Are they legit? Nope. Most of these products are sold by shady individuals through Clickbank Affiliations and others. Take My Baby Gender Blueprint for example. All of these products are scams and should be avoided! Don’t waste your money on some silly e-book or home kit that suggests it can help you select your baby’s gender.

Trust me on this one. If you purchase a Clickbank affiliated product, which claims to cure anything or select your baby’s gender, you’re getting scammed and you’ll be disappointed sooner or later. How these sites make it onto Google is anyone’s guess. Always look at the bottom of the page for an Affiliates link. Click it and scan for Clickbank. If you find it, click out immediately.

Playing God

Unfortunately, some individuals want to take matters into their own hands. Perhaps technology has gone too far? Since gender selection has become a multi million dollar business, nobody seems to care, aside from Canada, which has had made gender selection illegal. Still, if you’re willing to bend the rules and are dead set on ensuring total satisfaction, you can rest assured that there are ways to choose your baby’s gender. However, it isn’t going to be affordable.

Infertility treatment, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization are all options. So, how much do you need to pay? Although each is different, the average cost of in vitro fertilization is around 12k to 15k USD! Is it really worth it?

My Opinion

Sadly, there are more schemes than reliable products. Don’t fall for those scams. Instead, you should allow nature to take its course, instead of going broke. Does it really matter what the gender of your child is? Ultimately, you’ll love him or her to the fullest anyway! Hey dads, just because you have a baby girl doesn’t mean you can’t teach her to play softball! Think outside of the box and leave it up to natural selection. Cross your fingers and just be excited either way, because you’re about to be blessed with one of life’s most precious gifts.