Sleep Guardian 360 – A Potential Alternative?

Have you heard about the Sleep Guardian 360? How often do you sleep with your child in the same bed? Obviously, you understand the dangers of this behavior. We’ve all done it and it allows us to be close with our child, at all times. Unfortunately, it is estimated that 74% of children that die under the age of 4 months do so because of some type of sleeping sharing arrangement. Rolling on your baby can be done very easily. With this in mind, the Sleep Guardian 360 might be a solution to that problem.

So, what it is this product? Well, it has been developed by Jennifer Doering, who is an RN and Associate Professor with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The product is specifically designed so, that parents will be able to sleep with their children, without worrying about rolling over on them. Although the pod might look awkward, it can definitely get the job done.


Also, the sleep pod is equipped with an alarm! The alarm is capable of alerting parents, if an object falls on top of the bridge or the child faces any danger. Until the product is released, it is hard to say how functional it truly is, but it definitely looks helpful. I could definitely see how the overall ergonomic design of the sleep pod could protect the baby.


sleep guardian 360


Is this something that you would purchase for your baby? Be sure to let me know. The product is expected to be available to the public, within the year!