Stork Craft Glider with Ottoman Review

Are you currently shopping around for the very best glider and ottoman? If this is the case, you will first and to check out out best baby glider reviews, before checking out the Stork Craft Gliders with Ottoman. All parents have likely heard of Stork Craft. They make an assortment of different products and pieces of furniture for the nursery. Many mothers believe that the company is responsible for the very best baby glider chair! Below, you will learn exactly why so many people love the Stork Craft Glider.

glider with ottoman



With a quick glance, you will be able to see that this is an entirely beautiful glider, which is available in an assortment of different colors. Each color scheme is very adorable and will fit into your nursery excellently. The overall glider and ottoman combination is excellent and helps you avoid making an additional purchase. With a one-year warranty, you will be able to maintain your peace of mind, when you make the purchase. If you’re looking for a baby feeding chair, this is a great one.

Features and Specifications

The chair is approximately 24.8×25.8×39.5 inches and weighs 45.5 pounds. This is just big enough that it is convenient, comfortable and easy enough to move around. Although the chair doesn’t have a specific weight recommendation, it has been known to hold 250 pounds of weight. As far as the assembly process goes, it is nearly effortless and shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes!

The arms are cushioned for your comfort and a pocket is available. This will allow you to conveniently store your baby’s books or the television remote. The matching ottoman is excellent and will give you a comfortable place to rest your feet!  The seat and back cushions are hand washable.


Overall, the Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman is an excellent choice, if you’re looking for a glider with ottoman. Below, you will find the pros of this item, which many believe to be the best nursery glider.

  • Glider and Ottoman combination for a better value
  • Very cool and elegant appearance
  • 1 year warranty adds to the overall value
  • Very smooth gliding motion to lull your baby to sleep
  • Completely cushioned for the comfort of you and your baby
  • Overall, an excellent value for the price


Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, there are many gliders on the market and you shouldn’t be afraid to explore them all. Still, the Stork Craft is an excellent option and is undoubtedly well worth the money. If it fits your needs, style and budget, it is well worth the cost!

Be sure to check out the item’s pricing now.