Sun Safety For Kids

While sun exposure can be beneficial to your child’s health, it can also be very dangerous. Sun is a very good source of Vitamin D, which is important for strong bones and teeth, immunity support, and decreases risks of cancer. It is also very beneficial in aiding the body in absorbing calcium.


Sun Safety Facts

When taking your children to the beach, you should try to keep their bodies covered, as much as possible. UVR is responsible for melanoma, which is a form of malignant skin cancer. Even though UVC rays are very dangerous, the Earth’s ozone layer is capable of preventing them from reaching us. UVB rays has also been linked to melanoma and can cause severe adults and baby sun burn, as well.

Melanin a natural chemical that is found in human skin is very effective in combating UVR, but fair skin individuals have lower levels of melanin, so they are at a higher risk for sunburns.

You are at a higher risk for melanoma, if you have moles and a family history of the disease. Of course, UVR are stronger, during the summer months, which is the most popular time of the year for beach vacations and pool visits.


UPF 50+ Rating Clothing Sun Safety Kids

If you truly want to protect your kids from UVR, you need to arm with UPF clothing. These are available for boys and girls and are equipped with a stand-up collar that will protect the neckline from sunburn. This attire is designed out of aqua SUNTECT polyester, which is very durable and will offer longevity.

Between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. is when the sun is at its peak, so try to make it to the beach before or after these hours.


Sun Hats For Babies – i Play Baby Unisex Solid Flap UPF 50+ Sun Protection

To decrease baby sun exposure and baby sunburn, you should definitely add the i Play UPF 50+ sun hat to your beach or diaper bag. This had is available innumerable colors and sizes, so you will surely find one to fit your baby’s head perfectly.

They are constructed out of 100% polyester, which offers UPF 50+ sun protection and water resistant, so your child’s head, neck, and ears will stay dry and cool, even in the most extreme conditions.

The cap also has a matching long-sleeved shirt that is designed out of the same material and offers the same benefits. The unique design of the hat will prevent the sun from getting into your baby’s eyes and the entire neck area will be covered, thanks to the long bill and neck flap.


Toddler Sun Safety

Make sure that you apply SPF 15 sunscreen to your toddler’s skin 15-30 minutes, before going to the beach.  If your child has sensitive skin, be sure to seek advice from your pediatrician, before applying any type of sunscreen. Sunscreens that contain PABA can irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions. Beach umbrella can also provide your children with a shady place to play and they still have access to the sand.

Fun sun safety facts is to allow your children to run and have fun, while they are visiting the beach, but arm them with UVR protective clothing and sunscreen. Be sure to reapply it every 2 hours or as often as necessary, because water resistance products only last around 60-80 minutes. The expiration date is very important, because high heat exposure may potentially decrease the life expectancy of these products. It is better to be safe than sorry, in this incident, so go ahead and purchase a new bottle of sunscreen each summer.


Beach Accessories

  • Sandals
  • Sunglasses (100% UV protection guaranteed)
  • Sand pail and scoop
  • Lots of cold drinking water or appropriate fluids (avoid sodas)