Best Baby Thermometer Reviews

When attempting to determine, whether or not your baby is sick, it is imperative to take their temperature. With this in mind, you should know that there are several different ways to take your baby’s temperature. In fact, there are several different types of thermometers. Some will want to learn what is a rectal thermometer, which is one type, but not the only. There are also oral thermometers. Below, you will be able discover how to take baby temperature and some of the best baby thermometer reviews.

How to Take Baby Temperature

In order to take your baby’s temperature, you’re going to need a baby monitor. You can use a rectal, oral or forehead thermometer. Each is extremely effective and will provide you with the baby’s temperature, but they all work different. The rectal is used rectally, while the oral is used orally. The forehead thermometer is used on the baby’s forehead to determine the temperature. There are also baby ear thermometers. So do do you take a baby’s temperature? You’ll need to use the particular thermometer that you have properly. Otherwise, it is fairly simple.

Best Baby Thermometer 2015 – Innovo Baby Ear Thermometer Review

If you’re looking for an amazing baby thermometer, which can be used in two different manners, you will want to check out the Innovo! This monitor will provide you with an astounding amount of flexibility, since the device can be used for your baby’s forehead and ear. Either way, the thermometer will provide you with your baby’s precise temperaturbaby thermometer reviewe. The company has put a tremendously amount of effort into getting a precise result every time and it seems that they’ve succeeded.

The product is capable of providing you with instantly results. You’ll no longer need to wait in between measurements. The device is capable of providing results in Fahrenheit, as well as Celsius. An alarm is provided, in case your baby’s temperature exceeds 98.6 degree Fahrenheit. For your baby’s safety, this device is BPA and latex free! When you’re ready to use it, you can place it in the correct place and hit the button. It is as simple as that.


  • Awesome value for a dual mode thermometer
  • Very precise and accurate
  • Effortless use and BPA/Latex Free!

Overall, Innovo’s product is ultimately very impressive!


Just-Brill Ear Toddler Thermometer Review

If you’re looking for a cheap thermometer that will get the job done, you’ll want to check out the Just-Brill. This isn’t the best rectal thermometer. Instead, it is a fairly decent ear thermometer. Although it isn’t dual, it can still provide you with the exact temperature of your baby. It can provide readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit for your convenience. Overall, the product is very easy to clean, which makes it very thermometer for baby

If you’re worried about the overall quality of this product, you shouldn’t be! It is equipped with a lifetime guarantee! This can ensure that the product will last and provide you with use forever. Overall, this product is well worth the cost and will provide you with a very accurate reading, as long as you get it into your baby’s ear correctly.


  • Very accurate and easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Awesome lifetime guarantee


Remedies Baby Forehead Thermometer Review

An accurate and immediate thermometer reading is very important, when your infant is ill and fussy. Unlike the traditional temporal baby thermometers that required that it stay in place for at least 20-30 seconds, the Remedies will provide you with an instantaneous baby thermometer

The Remedies is very user friendly and the button icons are very self-explanatory. The screen display will light up per your baby’s temperature, because it is color coded.

  • Green display for normal reading
  • Orange display for low-grade fever
  • Red for temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit

Requires 2 AA batteries to operate and they are included in the package deal. The Remedies baby thermometer is capable of reading body, room, and surface temperatures and providing parents with a reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit.


  • Capable up picking up body temperatures from 1.9” away
  • Color coded display is an extraordinary feature
  • Stores up to 32 temperature readings
  • Accurate and instant readings


Best Baby Thermometer – San Sero 5 Infra-Red Review

When your baby is ill, it is crucial that you check his/her temperature. You will need an accurate and reliable reading, because your baby’s health and treatment options are depending on it. The Best Baby 5 thermometer is capable of calculating temperatures in a matter of seconds and providing you with a reading in Fahrenheit or forehead baby thermometer

This thermometer has been tested and meets the FDA and CE standards. It is constructed out of hygienic materials and does not contain any form of mercury. It requires a AAA battery, which is included in the package deal.

The San Sero can be used to check the forehead or axillary (under arm) body temperatures, without having to make contact with the baby’s skin. The light up display is quite large, so you can clearly see it, even from a short distance.


  • Sends out an alert, when baby’s temperature rises
  • No contact required
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Capable of providing temperature of baby milk


VitalTemp Instant Medical Thermometer Review

If you’re looking for the best thermometer for baby that won’t actually disturb your baby, you’ll want to check out the VitalTemp. This product is super easy to use and don’t even touch your baby. It is a forehead thermometer, which uses infrared technology to discover your baby’s temperature. It is also equipped with a lifetime guarantee for added peace of mind!best thermometer for baby

There are several different modes available and you can easily select between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The thermometer is capable of providing you with results within a matter of 1 sec! A precise laser is used to help you target your baby’s forehead and get the temperature that you desire. Overall, the product is sufficient and capable of help you get the information needed to ensure your baby’s overall health!


  • No touch use
  • Several modes and readings
  • Works very quickly



At the end of the day, all parents need to equip themselves with a sufficient baby thermometer. With the best baby thermometer reviews above, you will have a much easier time making your determination and making that purchase. Be sure to choose the specific thermometer that sounds best for your specific needs!