The Unveiling Of The New Garmin BabyCam


The Unveiling Of The New Garmin BabyCam

If you are a parent, carpool mom, or a nanny you know just how difficult it can be to keep an eye on your kids, while you are operating a vehicle. Driving can seem impossible, when the little guys and gals want to move around and hit each other. This is where the new Garmin Baby Cam comes into play. While it can be very tempting to take your eyes off the road to check on your little ones, this can be quite dangerous, but Garmin has created a new product to eliminate this major safety issue.

Preexisting vehicle monitors are devices that have been on the market for quite some time, but Garmin has developed a way to connect the new BabyCam with their GPS navigation systems.

How the System Works

The BabyCam is designed, so that the driver can keep a close eye on the backseat passengers, without having to turn around or take their eyes off of the road. It has a compact design, so you attach it to the front/rear headrest, depending on how you seat your baby in the vehicle. The device is equipped with a swivel mount, so you can attach it anywhere and make easy adjustment, without the need of any hardware or tools.

Garmin BabyCam

The BabyCam is battery powered with 2 AA alkaline batteries, so the installation process will be a breeze, since no splicing or connecting wires is necessary. The camera will relay a continuous video stream to the Garmin navigation system, by using wireless connectivity.

If you cannot monitor all of your young passengers with the adjustable viewing angle, then you can install up to four cameras per each GPS system. If you are still on the road at dusk and want to take a peek at your children, there will be no need to turn on the interior lights thanks to the night vision technology. Overall you will discover that the Garmin BabyCam is designed to relieve stress, while decreasing potential driving hazards.

As mentioned above the device doubles as a monitor and a GPS system. You can simply switch between the two options, by the push of a button or with some Garmin GPS models and all you have to do is issue a voice command. The camera will automatically operate when you switch your navigation device to the baby cam mode and it automatically switches off when you enter the GPS function to help conserve the battery power. The system will even display a reminder message telling you to check the backseat, before exiting the vehicle, which is a fabulous safety mechanism for all busy parents.

This product will not be available until January 2016, but it is expected to be a big hit.

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