Toddler Eye Discharge – What does it mean?

Does your child have dried pus in their eyes, when they wake up? Is the buildup getting to the point that your child can barely open his or her eye? Perhaps your child is suffering from green or yellow discharge from their eye? Although these can be very discerning, you shouldn’t fret too badly right away! Rest assured knowing that my child suffered from the same type of ailment. When she woke in the morning, I have to take a washcloth to her eye, in order to remove the pus and get the eyelashes to unseal and the eye to open. So, what does it all mean?

I have done a little bit of research on discharge from a baby’s eye. My research will be concluded below.

Different Types of Eye Discharge

Your child could potentially be suffering from one element of discharge. There are a few different types of discharge that can impact your child. Each of these symptoms could relate specifically to discharge from your child’s eye. If you notice any of the symptoms below, you should watch your child’s eye more closely.

Pus and Dried Pus: It is entirely possible for pus to discharge from your child’s eye. The pus can be yellow or green. If the child hasn’t wiped the pus away from the eye, it may dry and will remain visible under the eye.

Sticky Eyelashes: This is the type of nastiness I encountered. When your child wakes up, he or she will have their eyelashes matted together. This can terrify your child tremendously, since it makes it nearly impossible to open the eye!

Redness: In some cases, it is possible for the eye to turn red, as if the child is suffering from pink eye. The eyelid can also suffer from inflammation, due to a possible infection!


Potential Causes of Toddler Eye Discharge

If you notice one or more of the symptoms above, it is absolutely imperative to know the potential causes. There are three potential causes and each is entirely different. Below, you will learn more about each.

Allergies: Allergies are entirely normal for everyone! As annoying as they are, they will usually not cause major complications or permanent problems for your child. With proper care and love, your child will overcome their allergic reaction and return to normal. Warm moisture compressions can help. Clear away the eyes with a warm washcloth to ensure that the pus has been completely removed. Be cautious, before resulting to the use of antihistamines!

Conjunctivitis: As bad as the name sounds, you shouldn’t worry too much about conjunctivitis! It is nothing more than pink eye, which almost everyone will encounter at some point or another. The condition might be very contagious, but it is usually harmless. I’ve had it and you likely have too. Usually, pink eye will pass on its own, but you may need to visit a doctor and get your child some antibiotics.

Stye: Although it might be stye, you will likely notice it right away, if it is! Why? Well, this ailment forms a small little bump on the eyelid, which is typically very visible. It may be best to visit a doctor, if your child has been impacted by stye! The doctor will either prescribe an antibiotic or antibiotic ointment. Either will help to get rid of and prevent the infection from spreading elsewhere.



Well, there you have it! If your child is suffering from eye discharge, you shouldn’t worry too much right away. Make sure to keep the eye clean and try and prevent your child from picking at their eyes too much! With a little bit of precaution and preventive measures, it will pass and life will return to normal!