How to Baby Proof House with Toddler Gates

Once your child begins moving and walking, you’ll need to ensure that they have a safe environment to do so! You don’t want your baby to be able to tumble down the stairs, as this would lead to a disaster. Instead, you should baby proof your house with toddler gates! What are these gates and how can they help? You will be able to find out below!

Benefits of These Gates

These gates, which are available in various sizes and styles, can help to completely child proof your home. By positioning them strategically, you will be able to prevent your toddler from straying to potentially dangerous locations. Before purchasing one of these items, it is essential to make sure that you et the right one for your home.

Before Purchasing

Before you purchase one of the best baby gates, it is essential to make sure that you understand what type of space you’re going to close off. Are you trying to cut off stairs? Or maybe you want to keep your child trapped in a specific area? Make sure that you know this, because it will help you make the right purchase. Also, you’ll need to measure from wall to wall, in order to ensure that the gate fits perfectly.


Best Baby Gate with Door – Supergate Deluxe Decor Metal Gate

If you’re looking for an extra wide baby gate with door, you’ll want to check out the SuperGate! In this area, the gate will suit both of your needs. It is very wide and also offers a convenient little door. Of course, these aren’t the only benefits. The gate is also very stylish and durable. Overall, the gate can extend from 38.8 to 72 inches! If you’re looking for a tall baby gate, this one will fit it! It is 30 inches tall!baby gate with door

The item weights approximately 10 pounds, but each panel weighs much less. This one is excellent, if you’re looking to install the gate at an angle. The pivot points allow the gate to be installed on straight or angled walls. Suffice to say, this can provide to be extremely helpful and will deliver more peace of mind.

Also, the door works exceptionally well. It locks into place to ensure that your child will not be able to open it on his or her own. The entry way is 25.5 inches wide.


  • An extra wide, but sturdy gate!
  • A nice safe door, which is 25.5 inches wide
  • Entirely child proof and 30 inches too!
  • Can adjust from 38.3 to 72 inches in width
  • Easy to install


Baby Gates for Stairs – Kidco SafeWay Gate Review

Some couples will be interested in a toddle gate that is designed for stairs! A tumble down the stairs would be devastating! This is why you’ll want a baby gate for stairs! The Kidco Safeway gate is a good choice. The gate is capable of extending in width from 24.75 inches to 43.5 inches. This will help to ensure that it fits your stairs, regardless of the length. All of the mounting components have been included for your gates for stairs

This gate is exceptional for high traffic areas, because it doesn’t require a threshold. This can help to prevent trip hazards. The gate can also be used for door ways, if you’re willing to attach it to the door frame. The gate is 30.5 inches tall, which should offer a little more peace of mind. The door for this baby safety gate is also great. It can be opened easily with a single hand.


  • Awesome door, which is easy to open with a single hand
  • Very affordable
  • Very stylish


Retractable Baby Gate – DreamBaby Retractable Gate Review

If you’re looking for a retractable baby gate, you’ll want to check out the one available from Dream Baby! There is no doubt that Dream Baby offers some excellent products that their baby gates are definitely right near the top of the list. Overall, there is plenty to like about this particular gate. It can easily be inside and outside. The material is capable of withstanding plenty of wear and tear, which will ensure that the overall investment is worth it!retractable baby gate

Of course, the most beneficial aspect of the gate is likely the installation. It can be installed almost anywhere and is capable of extending up to 55 inches. This is also an excellent baby gate for stairs. With two sets of hardware, you will be able to easily use the gate in two individual locations! This makes the product very versatile and easily portable! This will also give you the option of using it inside and outside, without a lot of hassle. When the gate isn’t needed, it can be hidden out of sight easily.


  • Very versatile and can be used almost anywhere
  • Capable of extending up to 55 inches
  • Can be used in two individual locations easily
  • Safe and can easily be opened with a single hand
  • Very Affordable!


Summer Infant Decorative Wood & Metal 5’ Pressure Mounted Gate Review

Do you have a toddler that likes to roam about and get into everything, but you refuse to install the traditional white gate into your home? Well, you are in luck, because the Summer Infant is a very stylish gate that will fit perfectly, in homes with hardwood floors. The oak wooden and metal material will look beautiful in your home, plus it will envelop into your dé gate with door

The gate measures in at 36”, but it is capable of expanding to 60” (3 extensions 10, 7, and 4”) and the height is 32”, which will high enough to keep your toddler from climbing over it. The door is wider than other brands, which will definitely offer an easier access for you, if you are toting a pint sized toddler. It also has an auto-lock mechanism, so you will not have to stop what you are doing and turn around to lock the gate.

You can even open the door with one hand, which is an exception option for busy parents. The gate is very heavy duty and weighs around 21 pounds.


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Pressure mounted installation
  • Ex-wide swinging door
  • Comes with 3 extensions, so you can customize your gate size


Regalo Extra Wide Span Walk Through Safety Toddler Gate Review

If you are looking for a toddler gate that will fit an opening up to 58”, you should consider the Regalo. This is a very unique size that is hard to fill, but not with the Regalo. This toddler gate comes with gate that is capable of expanding from 29-32”, and 3 extensions including a 6, 8, and 12”, so you will have many options to select baby gates

The gate is constructed out of steel and will endure the test of time. The handle is equipped with a lever style handle and a safety lock that is capable of opening with 1 touch. JPMA tested and approved for toddler and pets.

The gate height is 31 inches, so your baby or canine will not be able to climb over it. This is a very lightweight gate and only weighs 10.8 pounds, so it will not damage your walls or floors.

The pressure mounting feature is great, because it will allow you to adjust wall mounts, so the gate does not pop off of the wall, even when pressure is applied. The locking mechanism is very high tech and too complicated for an older toddler to task.


  • Fantastic locking mechanism
  • Extra wide for wider doorways
  • Lightweight
  • Spacing between bars range from 2 ¼-2 ¾” with a few 1”


Where to Buy Baby Gates

Once you’ve ready to buy one of these gates, you will need to know where to buy baby gates. Truthfully, you should be able to find them easily. Big box stores usually sell these items, but you can also check out baby speciality stores, such as ToyRUs. And of course, online retailers have these items too!


At the end of the day, there are a massive number of baby gates available. Make sure that you measure your doorway and needs, before you choose a toddler gate. This will ensure that you’re able to choose the right gate for your particular situation. The information above should be able to help.