Baby TV App – Toddler TV Shows For Your Child

Are you interested in allowing your toddler to watch television? Although there are some negatives with this type of behaviors, your child can also benefit significantly, by watching educational television, which is perfectly designed for your child’s age. How can you access these television channels and shows? There are several ways and these will be explored in more depth below.


What is BabyTV? This is a toddler and baby channel, which offers baby appropriate television 24/7! It is actually a creation of FOX International and offers 100% commercial free television for your child. The channel provides a wide variety of entertainment and many educational shows, including Charlie And The Numbers, The Cuddlies and many more!

There are several different ways to access this channels. For starters, you can download the Baby TV App for free. If you do not have a subscription, it is possible to explore free content with the app.


Disney Channels

Disney has always been in the business of making children’s television shows and movies. Disney Junior is also an excellent option and will provide you child with even more entertainment options! Gaining access to these channels is likely going to be done through your cable providing. Disney Junior is great for children from 2 to 7. Also, Disney XD is wonderful for children from 6 to 14 years of age.


Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network has always produced cartoons, which are child friendly. Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t provide much educational value. Still, the shows are more than child friendly and well worth adding to your cable subscription.



Another excellent channel for children is ducktv! This channel is specifically designed for young children, who are going their development stage. These commercial free shows will help teach your child, while also keeping them amused. Popular shows, including duckSchool, Hubbi and Friends, and Fireteam in Action!


Accessing These Channels

There are several different ways to access these channels, but you will definitely want to check out these Sling TV Reviews. This particular streaming service is great and offers live television channels, which are great for everyone. First, you can access a wide variety of excellent channels for $20 a month. These channels include CNN, A&E, AMC, TNT, TBS and many more.

By paying an extra $5 a month, you will be able to gain access to all of the toddler television channels mentioned above! This package is definitely worth it for all parents, who wish to introduce their children to television!

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