Trampoline Buying Guide – Best Toddler Trampoline

Are you interested in purchasing your toddler a trampoline? This item can be loads of fun and will ultimately keep your child amused for many hours! Of course, there is many different factors that should be considered, before making your purchase. Also, you will want to consider the overall safeness of the trampoline! Within this guide, you will be able to discover everything you need to know about purchasing a trampoline for your toddler.


Are Trampolines Safe?

First, there is one question that all parents should ask themselves, before purchasing a toddler trampoline. How safe are trampolines? Well, there are some potential dangers associated with trampolines. It is possible for your toddler to fall off and break a limb or hit their head. Safety nets can help to eliminate this danger, but they’re not entirely effective either.

Also, you should check the trampoline to make sure it doesn’t have any pinch dangers. Make sure that your child’s leg or arm won’t get stuck between the padding and frame. Proper supervision and purchasing the safest trampoline possible is the best bet and can help to diminish some of the stresses associated with allowing your toddler to bounce on a trampoline.


Indoor or Outdoor?

When attempting to purchase toddler trampoline, it is vital to consider, whether you want an indoor or outdoor trampoline for your toddler. An indoor trampoline can be much smaller and will be much easier to store. These are also usually much less expensive. Unfortunately, only one child will most likely be able to jump on the indoor trampoline, at once.

On the other hand, outdoor trampolines are much bigger, a little more expensive and much more difficult to store. However, it will allow several children to enjoy the item at once. The top trampolines can be extremely fun, regardless of your option.

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Best Rated Trampolines  – Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

Are you looking for one of the best trampolines, which will give your toddler the ability to burn off their energy and get into shape? If this is the case, you should look no further than the Little Tikes Trampoline. Parents should understand that Little Tikes is built for safety, durability and plenty of fun. This item is manufactured from a combination of plastic and metal. It is designed for indoor use only.

This trampoline is also equipped with a handlebar, which will provide your toddler with more safety. The item is specifically suited for children under the weight of 55 pounds. It can only be used by a single child, at a time. A little assembly is required, but it didn’t take too long to put together. It only weights around 15 pounds, once fully assembled, which isn’t terribly heavy. With the elastic webbing, your toddler is much safer than bungee jumpers.

  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Very affordable
  • Safe handlebar
  • Easy to store away

Overall, this is undoubtedly is one of the most impressive trampolines of 2015 and is well worth checking out further.

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Best Trampolines 2015 – Skywalker Trampolines 60 Inch Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer

If you’re looking for an outdoor trampoline that is built for safety, you’ll definitely want to check out the Skywalker Trampoline. This item is entirely affordable and offers tons of added support to keep your toddler safe. The overall dimensions, when assembled, are 60 by 60 by 62 inches. This bouncer comes with an enclosure, which will protect your toddler even further.

  • Gets your toddler outside
  • Bigger and bolder!
  • Very safe
  • Affordable, although a little more expensive

This trampoline is very versatile and works with children from 3 to 7 years of ago. It can accommodate 100 pounds of weight. A 360 degree handle ensures that your toddler remains safe, during use. Overall, this is one of the best trampolines for toddlers and younger children.

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Indoor – Best Trampolines For Kids – Pure Fun Kids Jumper Trampoline

The Pure Fun Kids Jumper Trampoline is one of the very best indoor trampolines for toddlers. It is equipped with a no-spring bungee system, which helps to provide you with more peace of mind and your toddler with increased safety. This particular item is suitable for children from the age of 3 years and up. It can accommodate children up to 75 pounds, which guarantees extensive use for a longer period of time! For the benefit of parents, this item can be assembled very easily and no tools are needed.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Extremely fun

A bar is included and will ensure that your toddler remains entirely safe, when utilized properly. This item only weighs 13 pounds, so you will be able to move it around easily, without straining yourself. Storing the item is a little difficult, but the handle can be removed to make it a little easy to tuck away. Overall, this specific item is great for most, but it does have a few flaws. For the price though, these flaws can easily be ignored.

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Trampoline Benefits

So, why would you even want to purchase your toddler a trampoline? Well, there are numerous benefits of trampoline. Below, you will be able to find a list of these benefits for your consideration.

  • Can help your child burn off energy and calories
  • Trampoline exercising can boost the immune system
  • Detoxifies the body and promote a healthy weight
  • Can help to fight off asthma
  • Prevents constipation
  • Keeps your toddler entirely amused and entertained
  • Can be safe, when used properly



At the end of the day, all parents should consider purchasing their toddler a nice trampoline. This item can be extremely fun and many are very safe. Be sure to utilize all of the information provided above to help you make the right choice for your family and your child!

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