Trunkies For Children – A Mother’s Luggage

Are you the type of mother, who travels with her children? There are numerous things that a traveling mother and child pair need. Obliviously, they’ll need a destination, clothing and a nice suitcase, which is capable of holding their items. What if a luggage was more than that? The Trunki is a stylish luggage, which can be used for various purposes. Until recently, I had never seen one of these items. I am certainly glad that I found it, because my daughter absolutely loved it! Below, you will be able to learn all about it!

trunkies for children


An Overview

In order to get an understand of this type of item, you should take a look at the picture above. This is a trunk or luggage that is so much more. As you can see, it is equipped with a lovely handle and wheels! The wheels are what make the item so spectacular and fun. The item measures in at approximately 18x13x9 inches and weights around 4 pounds. Weak little old me is able to move around easily and you will be able to do the same! A strap can also be attached to the luggage, if you wish to pull your daughter or son about. My daughter absolutely loves it!

Take note that the luggage is available in over 7 different colors, so you will always be able to find one that is gender appropriate, if you desire. It is also possible to personalize the exterior, by adding pictures and stickers.

My Experience

When I first purchase this item, I was a little bit cautious, since it looks small in the pictures. I honestly didn’t think it would hold so many items, but it does! And my daughter? I haven’t been able to separate her from it! She absolutely adores it. She loves being pulled, but she also likes to store all of her Barbies and other dolls inside. Also, the wheels are awesome and keep the luggage securely on the ground, at all times. Even when dodging in and out of crowds, the luggage won’t teeter or fall over.

Unfortunately, making tight turns it a little difficult. Otherwise, I’ve loved the Trunki thus far. I would definitely purchase another, if I had another child in the future, although that isn’t in my forecast!


At the end of the day, the Trunki is awesome, fun and holds a decent number of items. Whether you’re looking for a form of transportation or plan on traveling, the Trunki is an excellent choice! Be warned that you won’t be able to pry your child off of it! For more information about the Trunki, be sure to check it out here!