Ubbi Diaper Pail Review

There is nothing worse than throwing your child’s diapers into the traditional trash bin! This will present tons of problems and will turn your home into a smelly mess. Trust me, I’ve been there and my home used to smell horrendous, until I discover the Ubbi Diaper Pail! After I found the best Ubbi diaper pail Canada or America had to offer, my home has been stink free! Below, I will tell you precisely why I love this item!

ubbi diaper pail review

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An Overview

Well, there isn’t much to say about this product. It is a diaper pail. It works like a trash can, but it is specifically designed for diapers. It is capable of holding in the odors of those stinky diapers. Don’t worry, as I was oblivious to these items for a long period of time too. The Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail is available in 10 distinct colors. This helps to ensure that you’re able to get a specific color that works exceptionally well with your home’s interior design and color scheme. The product dimensions are 33.5×18.2 inches. It is very similar to a garbage can and only weighs 13.4 ounces. This ensures you can move it around, without difficulty.


Childproof and Convenient

Although this specific diaper pail is a little more expensive, it also comes with a few additional conveniences. A recent update has improved the pail’s rim, which helps to ensure that the bags no longer rip or tear easily! There is also a safety lock, which prevents your children from open it up and getting into their own presents, so to speak! The new and improved bag holder prevents breakage, which would be very messy!


Ubbi Diaper Pail Bags

One of the most impressive aspects of this pail is the fact that it doesn’t require any special bags! Although this might not seem like a big deal, it is! Why? Well, this makes the item tremendously less expensive! The consumer doesn’t have to worry about purchasing replacement bags frequently! Not only does this offer a more cost effective product, but also it relieves stress and frustration. With a single purchase, your diaper pail shopping days can be concluded.


Analyzing Other Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail Reviews

When taking the time to purchase a product, I always read reviews. This was definitely true for the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail. Overall, the reviews were mainly positive, which certainly swayed my opinion. There were a few negative comments associated with the smell, when the lip is opened. Of course, this is fairly common sense and inevitable.



  • Very stylish design and 10 colors to choose from
  • NO SPECIAL BAG REQUIRED!!! This lowers the over time cost significantly
  • Childproof safety lock is great
  • Actually works
  • No longer rips the bag or causes it to break
  • Great for the overall price tag
  • Will allow you to keep your home refreshingly pleasant smelling


Ubbi Diaper Pail Review

At the end of the day, this is a great diaper pail, which is well worth the price! It is stylish, cost effective, and very well designed. Although the stink will be present, when the lid is open, this isn’t a big deal! Just keep it closed and the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail will serve you excellently for many years! I love it and you most likely will too!

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