Car Seat Guide – When Can My Child Sit In The Front Seat

As soon as your child enters this world, it is absolutely vital to make sure that you have one of the safest infant car seats for them. The seat will keep them safe and secure, while they ride around. Of course, you will eventually need to upgrade to a booster seat and eventually you will want to get rid of the seat all together. Within this guide, you will learn more about your toddler’s car seat and vehicle safety.


Rear Facing Car Seat Age

You should make sure to keep your toddler in a rear facing car seat, until they reach the age of 2! You can also refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Don’t switch to the forward facing seat, until your toddler surpasses the seat’s age, weight and height limits.


Forward Facing Car Seat Age

It should be known that you should begin using a forward facing car seat, at the age of 2. At this age, you should make the transition from the rear-facing seat to the forward facing car seat. Of course, it is possible to use the rear-facing seat, until your toddler exceeds the weight and height limits for the seat.


What Age For Booster Seat

After your baby has gotten a little older, you’ll want to switch from the front facing car seat to the booster seat. You shouldn’t do this, until your child hits the age of 4. This will usually be appropriate, once your child hits 40 pounds and is too tall for his or her toddler seat.


When To Use A Booster Seat

It is absolutely vital to learn precisely when to use booster seat. Once your child meets the age and weight specifications mentioned above, you should make sure to use the booster seat every time you take your toddler out. This is absolutely vital and will help to keep your toddler safe.


Are Booster Seats Safe

When it comes down to it, parents will always be concerned about the overall safeness of booster seats. This is the case, because the seats use the car’s existing seat belts. They do not have their own safety harness. Regardless, booster seats can be tremendously safe, as long as you choose the right seat for your toddler.

Achieving the most efficient fit possible is absolutely vital! Visiting the IIHS website can help you find the best booster seat for your child.


When Can My Child Sit In The Front Seat

Although many parents will allow their children to sit in the front seat much earlier, you shouldn’t until your child is over the age of 12! The danger comes from the airbag. The airbag can actually present a major risk to your child and can potentially even kill them. You should never allow your son or daughter to ride in the front seat, until they are over 12. This will help to keep them safe from the airbag.



At the end of the day, you will definitely want to keep your child safe and sound, by keeping them in a car seat, until they turn over the age of 12. Be sure to use all of the information above to keep your child safe, when you take them out for a cruise!

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