Why You Should Donate To Shriners Hospital

Most individuals have a particular organization that they follow and donate to on a regular basis. Of course, many are familiar with the Shriners Children Hospital that is located throughout the United States, Hawaii, Canada, and Mexico. This fantastic organization provides care to millions of children around the globe, from those suffering from spinal cord injuries, genetic diseases and anomalies, orthopaedic disorders and third degree burns.

The greatest benefit of hospital Shriners is all children are treated, regardless of income or ability to pay.

The Shriners Hospital Volunteer

You may ask what is a Shriner. Well, a Shriner is a mason, which originates from Freemasonry. This brotherhood, Shriners International was developed in 1872 and now have lodges located all over the world. You must first become a free mason and work your way up to becoming a master mason, before you have the opportunity to become a Shriner. You must study hard and earn 3 degrees, before you can become a master mason.

The volunteers frequent the hospital and it is hard to ignore how much they love Shriners.


Where is Shriners Hospital Located?

While there are Shriner lodges located all over North and Central America, the medical facilities are located all throughout the United States. Mexico and Hawaii has an orthopaedic unit, as well.

Now that you know where is Shriners Hospital and what are Shriners, it is time to make that very important donation.


Shriners Hospital Donations

Visit http://www.shrinershospitalsforchildren.org/donate and make your donation today, because every dollar counts and you are giving children hope of a better tomorrow.