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We are currently looking for well written articles about anything to do with infants and toddlers. If you have an idea for a topic, by all means add it to a well-informed article and send it our way.


What we need from you:

  • Full name or author name of choice
  • Website URL: only one link per article (you can link to authority site if desired)
  • Bio: A short bio describing who you are and what you do (will be placed at the bottom on the article, but this is not part of the 500 word count)
  • Images: only one image per article, but must pertain to the article content



  • The article must be written in English
  • The article must be professionally written
  • Content must be pertaining to infants, toddlers, or adolescents
  • Minor mistakes will be edited by staff, but poorly written or misinformed articles will be rejected
  • All articles will have to pass through Copyscape
  • Please take the time to view our website, before submitting articles, because all articles are professionally written and topic has been researched
  • Article must match current website content
  • The article must be appropriate for any demographic
  • The article must be at least 500 words
  • The article can be related to health, infant product reviews, baby news, baby company, or anything pertaining to children


Interested in writing for us?

If so, you should send us all of the information above and your article. You will be notified when your article is posted. If article is unsuitable for our website, poorly written, non-researched, needs editing, or misinformed, it will be sent back to you. You can edit it, if possible and resend it to us for further review.

Please take the time to read the article from top to bottom, before submitting, because we do not have extra time to waste on poorly written articles. Do not take it personal, if we reject your article, there is always room for improvement and second chances.

Use the contact form below to contact us, pitch your idea and we’ll take things from there.


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